This is a general plea: AF is just a message board. That’s all. If someone new asks a question that has been up before, or that you think is obvious or shouldn’t be asked, then JUST IGNORE IT. There are far too many stuck up jerks being assholes to new people and attacking perfectly reasonable posts. Get a life.

I am usually an observer here but I should point out that while you have a point Mandelbrot, your manners also leave a lot to be desired. Why pick up sticks in other people’s eyes when you have a log hey?

That’s “Tu quoque” - i.e., an attack on the guy making a perfectly reasonable point without addressing the point. If Mandelbrot was the very most obnoxious poster on AF, his point would still be valid. Anyway, I don’t see too many obnoxious posts.

I agree with the poster. Although… some people do need to get stepped on every now and then (rare instances). But most of the time the obnoxious posts are simply superfluous.


How to win an argument on the internet: In the end, if you engage in a heated internet argument…even if you “win,” you really lose. To avoid such things, you might enjoy this guide:

CAFicionado: Priceless.

This site has gotten pretty boring over the last couple of days.

we are waiting for you to make it fun farley…

farley013, You are like school on Saturday…no class! PWNED!