Many Brain Teasers: One More?

Also heard this one from my old man many years ago:

You wake up in a room with two guards in front of two doors. One door = death, the other = freedom and life. One guard can only lie, the other only tells the truth. The guards know which doors they stand in front of. You only have one question to ask either of the guards to help you figure out which door to go through. What is the question you ask to ensure you choose the non death door?

Damn meta-lying questions…Ask them something like “would you be lying if you said this is the death door.”

If the honest guard is by the death door, he must say no and the lying guard will say yes.

If the lying guard is by the death door, he will no and the honest guy will say yes.

Wait, I’m not sure that works. It’s something like this though.

ask which door would the other guard say leads to freedom. Then take the other door. if you ask the truthful guard he will say the lying guard will point to the death door. If you ask the lying guard he will lie and say the truthful guard would point to the death door. In either case both guards will point to the death door.

Mmmn. Indeed Theocodont. Without any preamble there or self doubt it appears you certifiably new the answer to this riddle.

well it is a relatively well known riddle.

I think it would be more interesting to modify this question such that “there are two hot and scantily clad young co-eds”. One is 18 and the other one is 17 and 1/2. Furthermore, you know that one always lies and the other always tells the truth.

Haha. Good one