Many Errors in Schweser Module Quiz.. Errrrr

Any one revising using the Schweser as well? So far I found at least three Module Quiz questions were allocated to the wrong module…pretty frustrating as you don’t expect this kind of errors occur in these expensive notes…

Welcome to the world of third-party prep providers.

To be fair, even the CFAI post a list of errata haha

The level 1 books are alright! I can’t recall there were as many errors as the level 2 books…

Kap lan Sc hw eser is garbage.


Even CFA institute post list of erratas EVERY YEAR.

Errata is already a plural; no need for the “s”. The singular is erratum.

Furthermore, studyguy18 beat you to it:

Yes, I accept that my grammatical skill is not that strong. secondly, I don’t read any others comments other then questions asked in this forum and finally which is most important is that CFA institute does post list of errata EVERY YEAR and third party providers don’t do this on a regular basis. I hope now you understand mr. magician.

When I worked at Stalla we always had a list of errata for each Level, and updated it every time a new error was discovered and verified.

I know that Schweser has posted errata in the past, and cannot imagine that they’ve stopped doing this. And I’d be equally surprised if Wiley, Mark Meldrum, Fitch, and so on didn’t post errata.

As to how often they update those lists . . . well . . . that’s another matter.

I’ve identified errors in the curriculum and have sent e-mails to CFA Institute about those errors. Sometimes they agree with my assessment, post an erratum, and change the curriculum at the next printing, and sometimes they don’t.

S2000, do you teach prep courses or just read the CFA materials for fun? Haha

Take a look at my website.

These days I’m spending most of my time writing practice exams for Mark Meldrum and grading Level III morning session practice exams, but I also do a lot of tutoring for all three levels, and teach Level I and Level II review courses at the University of California, Irvine.