map1, topher,pepp

are you guys selling your Qbank?

I would sell mine except that I don’t want someone using my login when I need to start using it again for L2. I don’t see any options on the Schweser websites to change your password.

For Qbank contact

I used PassMaster of Stalla. This is not an online resource and I’m kind of a hoarder.

topher, what is your email?

ssdnola, i have bought q bank , but looking at the past questions posted on this forum i dont there is a good reason to waste money… but again thats my opinion

I never used any qbank. I only used CFA text and AF.

pepp, did you find the CFAi example questions representative of the exam? im contemplating not buying the QBank and trying to get away with using CFAi questions only + heaps of mock exams.

I need more practice questions. I burned through all my practice exams and have done all the CFAI and Schweser end of chapter problems. Q-bank seems like the logical solution to my problem. Any ideas?