map1, which exam is more difficult?

the December 2007 or June 2008? I trust you very much.

Have no idea and never thought there is a difference between winter and summer exams. All I remember from the december exam was the stupid question on CFA trademark on business cards an letterheads. But there were differences like: FX in the winter (now part of level II), corporate governance, differences between IFRS and IAS, working capital management in the summer.

normally the passing rate is 40%, but December 2007 passing rate is 39%, I assume the December 2007 exam is more difficult than usual the reason I’m asking the question is that if you feel June 2008 is easier than December 2007, the passing rate could go back to 40% if you think June 2008 is even more difficult, the passing rate could go south to 38% or 37%

I bet it means that there was a bigger gap between takers with average scores and top scores. I don’t think there is any difference in the degree of diffficulty between summer and winter. Perhaps in the summer people would rather go to the beach or chase each oher than study for the exam. What can you do when it is cold outside from december to april?

oh c’mon… 1% difference in passing rate in negligible. I too took the Dec 07 exam and thought they were pretty much the same. no matter what, you really have to know your stuff.

map1 if you dont pass none of us will pass…