I am in the same boat as you. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one doing the retake. We’ll pass and it will be oh so deliciously wonderful. And for some reason, I always thought you were a guy. haha Re: Failed! Posted by: map1 (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: January 23, 2008 07:19AM niraj_a, I did, but it was not enough:) I WILL KILL IT IN JUNE, AND THAT IS A PROMISE! I’ll even drag my husband to do it:)) Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 07:20AM by map1.

neah, but I look and act like one:D

to those who took the exam and failed, i am sorry to hear that. But on the other hand you are the perfect people to ask about exam difficulties and stuff like that. So if you do not mind i have couple questions that need to be answered. 1) how hard were those questions in the exam compared with those in the end of each chapters, not QBANK, the end of chapter questions? 2) how much pressure did the time put on you? 3) was it hard to come up with the neccessary formulas during the exam or the pressure made forget some of them? 4) what was the thing that you said to your self after you took the exam? ex: i should have studied more economics, i should have used more Qbank etc… 5) Finally, what kind of advice would you give to the new candidate? Your input will be greatly appreciated.

I thought you were a guy, too. May be analystforum can introduce some avatares (i will be a monster…).

  1. Relative to the Schweser Concept Checkers, the real exam is more difficult. Relative to CFAI end-of-chapter questions, the real exam is probably more difficult. Compared to QBank, probably more difficult. Compared to Book 6, probably about the same difficulty but I actually thought the real exam seemed less difficult than Book 6. But, the real exam is different from Book 6 or Qbank. Schweser is very calculative whereas the real exam was very conceptual (and more straightforward in my opinion). 2. I think if you are within the time limit consistently on your practice exams, you should be fine. The real exam is less wordy than Schweser. I did use up the whole time last time for both sessions. But my grasp of the material probably wasn’t soo great, and I anticipate I will have a little time left over this time to review. 3. For some reason, there was this easy, easy effective annual rate question. But I seriously spent like 3 minutes alone on this question that should’ve taken about 20 seconds. I think overall the formulas should be fine. If you know them now, you should know them on game day 4. FSA is by far the most important topic. On the test you’ll see each section is labeled. So when you get to FSA, it will say Financial Statement Analysis - 38 questions - 1 hour. For me FSA was something that I thought I needed more prep on especially since I had never taken an accounting class before. 5. In all honesty, after the exam, I felt fairly confident. I put in my time, and I think I was a borderliner. The exam is very doable. Just study consistently and practice many questions. Finish all your readings, do all the concept checkers/cfai problems, drill down for 6-8 weeks for review and questions, and study “smart.” Don’t blindly do questions. Do them, then understand why you got them wrong and learn the material behind it. Then drill again.

Topher and Map1, you guys will pass with flying colors the way you answer around here.

map is no guy, but a lady :slight_smile:

“guys” in the sense of buddies.

topher, i really appreciate the effort to answer my questions and i really will take your recommendations very seriously. Thank you very much

don’t take em too seriously. i failed remember?!

i have taken it twice already. the first time i was not ready at all i did not have sufficient time to prepare. i was not suprised. in december I thought i was ready i even finished 20 minutes before time for both papers but alas i failed again. i honestly got worried. i am really scared about this time I just fear that i may fail again. it looks like failing CFA is in me. Interestly I was a star perfomer for my MBA but I am the worst for CFA! what a contrast.

map: thanks for english lesson, i got it wrong. and map :wink: please don’t pick on me :wink:

I’m not that smart, remember?

yes i do :wink:

map1, audrey, topher or other retakers can I ask you how were ur scores (Qbank & CFAI online exam…) before u sat the test I cannot really get over the mid 60… and I am starting to get seriously worried (I’m still missing few points here and there + a lot a stupid mistakes) I will do the CFAI mocks soon but I wished my scores were better to maximise the utility of the investment … do I have a chance ?

D’Artagnan, sure you have a chance. Print an exam from your third party provider, take a clock and time yourself. When in front of a piece of paper, time goes by differently. I used Qbank from Schweser, had not finished the Qbank, had only the CFAI texts and I thought I had a chance, and I felt comfy after the exam. To my surprise in February! You can get over the mid 60 if you take each question and learn something from it: why the right answer is right, why the others are not. Practice intelligently and learn from your mistakes.

for the first time I can’t even remember i was not ready at all. But the second time i used only the shweser book 6 and 7 i was getting between 60 and 70. one one or two occassions i got above 70. but i thought i was still okay because the exam questions are much shorter and a bit easier than sheweser. But Alas!