Do you want to sell me your CD of the Stalla mock exam…since I know that you passed last June. Hopefully, you are in the US. I am in Los Angeles, CA Thanks…

No longer have it. I got a free Stalla scholarship at a free workshop, and I gifted the mock to someone else. Sorry:(

No sweat…thanks though What would you recommend in terms of final review for the next 3 weeks? I have the practice book and the one mock exam ex Stalla and of course the CFA material. I have done most the passmaster, and I understand that 3 practice exams in the practice book, that the questions are mainly from passmaster. Are you worth the shot…given it is only 3 weeks away. Thanks!!

Map1, How did you think the Stalla questions compared to the actual exam? harder or easier or same? Obviously Stalla did a good job if you passed but I’m just looking for your opinion. Thanks

I’ve done the passmaster twice, some sections even more than that; about 10 exams from pasmaster, the Stalla mock twice . I’ve done some QBank, about say 5 complete exams, the free sample CFAi, the cfai text questions, and many other sample and mock questions that were posted here. The questions in the real exam are much more simpler and to the subject than I expected, less quantitative, more conceptual. The questions involving the use of the calculator were very very simple. Passmaster has a bunch of questions that are simple, and a lot that are difficult. In my opinion, better than QBank (especially on FSA), but were (not totally) different than the real exam. For a “taste” of the real exam, the CFAI mock and the samples are better. I like Stalla better, mainly because of Olinto. Yet, I barely passed.

That whole post was great except for the part, I barely passed lol

I am about to start on Passmaster on FSA…there are alot of questions…do you have a strategy of getting them done…there is over 700 q’s just for FSA. And then I have to hit overall review and practice exams…