Mapping out the study plan

Hi All,

Like a ton of people here, I just found out that I passed the level I exam and am now gearing up to start for the level II. It seems like most plans are pretty similar. Read material, BB/EOC questions, and then mocks. But I was curious how you all felt about the readings for Level II. Did you find that the material was much longer or much harder to understand? Did you read just once and it was sufficient or did you feel you needed to read twice. I studied for the Level I in 2 months but felt like jamming Qbank for days made it easy to study for. Ultimately, I’m just trying to see what you all think about the readings and how difficult they are.

“Easy” and “Difficult” are relative terms. Something that is “Easy” for you might be difficult for me and others, and vice versa, You just need more time to study for CFA Level 2 exam.

Have a written plan, back it up with action & track it on a daily basis. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hi Sydney guy,

Shall I start with FRA, Equity and Fixed Income? And how many days do you think I can afford to spend on these topics? Is 15 days conservative enough?

Thanks for your input!