Maquarie Holdings

Does anyone know anything about this firm? I just got asked to interview with them.

Ponzi scheme

Haha really? How’s that?

The Australian Bank? if so Kramer cited some issues with them (i believe it was in businessweek) mostly relating to their accounting. I think the basic premise was that they were considering off-balance sheet investments, which were essentially liabilities, as assets. this was about 2 weeks ago.

Yeah the Australian Bank. I am talking about their US division. It says they have opportunities in their PE funds. Does anyone know how they are in the US?

suppose to be pretty good. they mainly do PE deals in the infastructure group. this website might be more helpful…good luck you can also search macquarie and find more info… ps. it’s macquarie

thanks boiler, that was just a typo

LICandidate, I would take what you hear, about Macquarie being a Ponzi scheme and what not, with a pinch of salt. Do your own research on this before you believe what anyone says. Macquarie is a fast growing organisation and regarded as one of the best places to work, here in Australia. You do the normal Investment Banking hours, but they pay well (especially IBG, which is the group you are looking at). I don’t know what Macquarie’s ambitions are in the US, but if their track record in Australia is anything to go by, they will look to grow aggressively. Hope this helps Syd Added on Edit: Disclaimer: Im Conflicted

Thanks Syd, Yeah I definitely just laughed the ponzi scheme thing off. I’ve been finding a lot of positive articles on Macquarie.

they pay above the market rate but they work you like a dog… few friends work there… that’s mainly their comment whatever your position is in there

Great shop in my experience.

They just bought a mid-tier Canadian Dealer - Orion Securities, the institutional arm of the old Yorkton Securities before they blew up.

LICandidate Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Does anyone know anything about this firm? I just > got asked to interview with them. I am A Level II Candidate, Bcom Finance, GPA 3.54. Applied to Macquarie and was not called for an interview? I am curious about the credentials were they looking for? Insider told me my extra curricular activities were a bit weak? Can you shed some light? BY the way, I think they are really great. Not sure what you are looking for but…I was really interested in the Bank , because of its international presence…thought would be a great ooportunity to work on deals that were diverse!

I really don’t know what specifically they are looking for. I have had a lot of extracurriculars in terms of working in financial services during school. I also passed L1, majoring in Econ, and you have a slightly higher GPA than me. I am graduating in May What I do know is that they were very actively recruiting at my school (NYU). They interviewed the normal amount of candidates on my campus, and then they also called a lot of people who were’nt interviewed on campus (including myself) to come and do a first round interview at their offices. Maybe you applied at the wrong time, and they were not recruiting as actively then.

Thanks! We’ll try to apply some other time. Goodluck !

Got a call back! I have to go in for a psychometric analysis exam tomorrow. in spite of that i am happy. (Just to reiterate I know it’s spelled Macquarie the original title was an error.)

Was kidding about the Ponzi Scheme thing, but only had a second to respond … Anyway Macquarie is a great firm that is highly regarded in Asia (#1 in Australia). Pay is REALLY good if you’re in the IB division. I made all of the interview process, and that psychometric test is nothing you can prepare for, but at the same time, I found it kinda confusing. Anyway good luck

Are you at Macquarie Alayle?

Nope not at the moment

If you’ve worked there in the past, do you have any tips for the final round if I make it through the psychometric assessment?