Marc LeFebvre and LevelUp Bootcamps

No doubt true.

Almost certainly false. Certainly cynical.

Not bitter…disappointed for certain, but not bitter. Didn’t put in the study time and thought I could squeak by but couldn’t. My point is simply that, as others have stated, you receive 6 books. Everything you need to pass is in those 6 books (with the exception of mock exams). So, unless I’m a f’n retard, why do I need to have some guy with a last name I can’t pronounce, read 6 books to me? It’s not third grade, we’re all adults here and made it to L3.

Needless to say, I will not be employing Marc Lecordonbleu in my 2017 studies. Plus, I’ve got S2000 for free if I really need some tutoring…


Cheer up, champ. Just because you aren’t the brightest crayon in the box, doesn’t mean you should give up all hope. Hopefully you can combine the input from recent LII grads with your lazy effort to just squeak by in 2017.


Topper: you can go out on the playground and shoot hoops and think you’re going to the NBA, or shoot hoops with Lebron and get coached by Coach K – you might have a better outcome.

You can do push-ups in your basement or go to Ranger school; which alternative would get you in better shape?

You can read internet chat rooms and invest with Motley Fool, or learn from Warren Buffett; which alternative would make you a better investor?

i could go on.

Any thinking person knows that having a great coach generally beats winging it on your own

Marc owns that role for LIII.

^ I guess those are good analogies but the point it seems is that everyone is relying on this bootcamp to help them pass. In Topper’s case, and I’m going to go out on a limb here, he does not have the motivation to pass.

This doesn’t make sense to me because is this not your second time doing L3? Why would you not put in the study time? What did you learn from your first time taking it?

**** Hashtag. Out of all your posts here. I think this is your harshest one yet.

Hashtag…harsh? No way. Hashtag and I have an understanding, he makes fun of me for failing L3 which I deserve but he follows it up with Hot Shots quotes. That I can handle. And the sprinkling in of great lines like Cheer up champ is classic…very clever for real.

A good portion of my posts are just clowning and not serious much like the ones about the Level Up Camp above. There are enough passers that swear by Marc L’s acumen that I’m convinced. I’m not saying I’m going to take his class necessarily, but his tutoring certainly sounds worthy of respect.


this year Level Up also prepare on demand videos.


Definitely some truth to this, but also there’s a personal preference for how people learn/study most effectively.

After sitting through his review course where you cover the entire curriculum in 4 days (~ a month before the exam) it helped me narrow my focus into troublesome areas until exam day and nail the individual PM essay questions under time on the exam. He knows the curriculum inside-and-out for level 3 and points out some of the best blue boxes or example problems to work through (usually the ones that are unique and draw material from multiple study sessions tying together themes from different parts of the curriculum into 1 item set or essay question).

Lastly, he does more than simply say “do the BLUE BOXES” as some may claim, its more nuanced as he often highlights the most challenging BB questions in various readings or, more importantly, the BBs that have recently been tested as essay questions in a similar format.

is Marc Lefavabre the best lockdown CFA Level 3 teacher in the game?


I absolutely would not have passed without (i) the MATERIALS from Marc’s LevelUp Bootcamp and (ii) the IPS workshop and strategies he lays out. Worth every single penny.

Hey Marc, I would vouch for you if you pay me a couple of hundred buddy #HintHint.

Ah well, at least this guys seems to be legitimate, even though he seems to send his alumni off to promote for him. This is much better than the shi.t that EduPristine was pulling off, having its retards respond to questions here on AF (L II forum), and actually revealing that they had no fuggin clue.

The guy who sat next to me also did a bootcamp class in preparation and in addition a class every week since Feb. He failed. They didnt do any AM papers, just a few tips here and there. What a waste of time. Had his bonus tied to passing…no shi.t if I was an employer shelling out all that dough for exam prep, books, cfa enrollment…

But in all honesty - had I not joined AF, I would have been just as clueless. Thank god for the forum and its 3000 threads on the best strategies to pass LIII.

I miss edupristine and it’s broken English. Edupristine had some timeless classics on AF. I think my personal fav was when edupristine posted the sagacious recommendation that candidates complete the exams in the order of Level 1 first, then Level 2, and lastly Level 3.

Who needs level-up when you can get advice like that for free?

People who live in glass houses . . . .

I dunno S2K. I think that apostrophe belongs there. No??


Possessive pronouns don’t have apostrophes.

Silly me. Please pardon my broken English lol.

Hi All

I have already written some comments on Marc before and I am posting real feedback of what I wish to share with readers on AF.

You only need to decide whether you want to pass the Level 3 exam the next time you take it or keep on trying for a few years. The number of things that you need to sacrifice in order to dedicate sufficient time to studying the Level 3 is massive which I have gone through already and the time that you have lost for repeating the exams cannot be recovered!

This year, I took the decision that I need to go for the best to make it. After reading many valuable feedback on Marc, I decided to travel a long distance to attend his Bootcamp, pay his courses, my air ticket and hotel accommodation.I did not look at how much money I was spending as I have one clear objective is to succeed in June 2016

I have finally passed the Level 3 exam and would not have make it without Marc. If I did not attend his Bootcamp, I am sure to have again failed with a Band 10 like in 2015 as Marc knows the fine points and teaches you how not to lose silly marks! We all know that the margin between Band 9 /10 compared to a PASS is not that significant. Marc does make the difference!

The investment with Marc is worthwhile that you will feel so much relieved after passing the Level 3 exams and getting your life back !

I strongly recommend Marc’s Bootcamp to anyone who wants to make it : One and Done in 2017 !

I passed Level III on first try this year and I only used CFA curriculum. Marc’s Bootcamp and any third party material is not needed to pass the exam. Doing plenty of past AM exams, EOC problems, topic tests and CFA mock exam, taking notes on where I went wrong and repeatedly revising these notes helped me pass I believe.

Everyone is different and so different study strategies work for others, but it does say in CFA books (I’m paraphrasing) “All material for writing the CFA exam is taken from these CFA books”, so that’s why I went solely with curriculum.

Perhaps not by you, but it is by some people.

That’s why schools of all species have teachers instead of simply handing out textbooks.