Marc LeFebvre VS Nathan Ronen VS Mark Meldrum VS Peter Olinto

Someone settle this or Rank these instructors based on actual experience please. do mention why PS: planning on joining one of Wiley , Chalk&board, Level up or Mark meldrum for CFA Level III. Obviously cant afford all , so ill go with the highest rated instructor between the 4.

thanks again guys.

Does Peter Olinto teach Level 3?

where’s CEO10K-DAY when you need him?

I sooooo want to see the responses to this post, I am in doubt about these exact same providers just like you, only I don’t know who the heck is Peter Olinto lol

As far as I know, he never has.

Peter Olinto is CPA. He teaches accounting courses, CFA level 1& 2, but I don’t think he teach L3.

As far as i know, his name is included on the Wiley’s schedule availability for online course CFA Level 3 (Equity’s part), but i don’t use Wiley for 2019 so cannot comment about the quality.

To be able to compare the mentioned gentlemen, one must have used videos of all of them which I believe very unlikely. All of them enjoy good reputation among candidates. Some had benefitted from Marc while others from Mark etc. Many had benefitted from IFT like myself.

You can find various threads at the forum to find out good and bad of their offered products. One thing for sure, most of the discussions you will find revolve around IFT, MM and LevelUp which at least clearly indicates that these are top 3.

Peter’s a great instructor, who knows how to be great on video.

I have no experience with anyone outside of Nathan Ronen - But the guy just legitimately knows absolutely everything there is in the CFA program curriculum. It’s hard to really do his job justice with an internet forum writeup. He’s got the right approach to the program, and will be real with you every step of the way with how you should be preparing. He’s a real New-Yorker too, so, if you don’t like the guy, maybe you’re just being a cream puff.


does it make sense to join both Nathan Ronen and Marc LeFebvre ? for someone whos willing to study as early as september. is it worth it spend that kind of money to make sure you dont miss out on either?

If you pass tomorrow, i will probably be more tempted to sign up with him. Yea I know it is not a matter of the provider but of the actual efforts one puts, but really, I think seeing the level 3 candidates results tomorrow may put things into perspective!

I personally think it is a waste of money AND time. If I do it myself, I am sure I will get confused because of the different teaching style and way of approaching the curriculum, I never understood how people are able to mix providers. I hardly even practice mock exams from various providers but I often only stick to CFAI mocks and the provider’s that I am studying with. Making a choice between the two will be necessary for me.

u guys went for classes for CFA !

unbelieveable !

Little surprised to see David Hetherington joini Wiley. I mean till very recently he was with Schwesers… Looks like somebody’s spending some hard dollars big money.

I believe that he’s going on two years at Wiley.

I highly recommend Nathan Ronen. I have not used Marc LeFebvre or Mark Meldrum, but I know Mark is not a CFA. I do believe having gone through the exam is a helpful in understanding a teaching method, which I know Nathan has done. Nathan knows everything about the CFA curriculum and explains everything in detail and helps you focus on the relevant information and give you the right tools to pass. I used him for both L2 and L3 and passed both times. I credit him with most of my success simply because he was able to breakdown the concepts for me easily. More importantly he helps make the content easily recallable. As you all know, taking the test is a sprint, and so it helps when you have the proper help from an experienced teacher make you confident on exam day. Nothing was new to me on the test, thanks to Nathan’s lectures which cover everything. The best part of Nathan is that he is available 24/7, so you can get any question answered.

I used Mark Meldrum for video notes, KS for study notes, plus CFA books and passed all 3 levels.

I would recommend Meldrum for the price. His videos will explain all the concepts sufficiently, however it’s up to you to research and work on perfecting the essay. If you are looking for more guidance in this respect then Lefebvre might be more your style, but keep in mind that he’s much more expensive. Meldrum gave me the necessary tools I needed for all 3 levels- you can easily google and study up on AM strategies without paying anything extra, and get all the practice you need with blue boxes and past papers.

I paid 200ish bucks for Meldrum on levels 2 and 3 and performed very well on both. His AM mocks were FANTASTIC (shoutout s2000magician) and his videos explained everything well.

It all comes down to you to practice and perform when it matters- no instructor is going to magically get you that pass. But Meldrum will give you the necessary knowledge, that’s a fact, CFA or not.

TL;DR: Marky Mark

A good general never blames his battlefield. A good carpenter never blames his tools.

I used Nathan Ronen and didn’t purchase any other prep except for mock exam for MC practice: IFT you get 3 x exams for cheap; Konvexity 3 x PM exams for cheap; Fin Quiz had a full free exam online.

I watched Nathan’s vids twice. First time taking notes and doing all his practice walk through. Second time hitting EOC.

From the last weekend in March, I started hitting CFA Mocks and all the aforementioned ones. A week before the exam, i redid the CFAI exams and got through 6/7 AM exams only (just reading and answering in my head); worked my way from 2018 backwards with what ever time remained.

Result: 90% percentile. I did well in the AM but killed the PM (like near perfect scores) thanks in large part to IFT, Konvexity and FIn Quiz PM practice…I didn’t put much into the EOC.