Marc LeFebvre

If you took his bootcamp and studied your HEART out, you would’ve gotten every question in the PM correct (except for ethics and GIPs because those are always a crapshoot).

I am unsure how i did in the AM, but i can confidently say that outside of GIPS and ethics in the PM portion, I’d be surprised if I missed anything more than 2 questions.

now, here come the haters thinking im a paid promoter of marc…

Completely agree and couldn’t care less if the haters call me a shill. Thank you Marc!

I took Marc’s class as well and can say that it was very effective, in terms of the material covered. I took level 3 last year and scored a band 4 and can say that I was far more prepared this year due to using Marc’s material compared to using Schwesers. I did not think the PM exam was that difficult, as I had seen almost most of the type of questions before. But I did find the AM portion challenging as I did last year. Did notice the traps that Marc pointed out and can say I would have lost marks if I didn’t take his bootcamp.

Agreed. Took Marc’s class and only started studying quite a bit in March. Marc knows what he’s talking about and if I pass, it is solely due to his class.

This is a common view. Unless there’s broad disagreement from others who attended the bootcamp, I believe you.

Many of his videos are available online, and I became a big fan this year. Debated whether to attend the bootcamp. In the end, did not. But … perhaps not the right choice.

I took his bootcamp and video package. He’s such a great guy and amazing teacher. I emailed him to thank him right after the exam but don’t want to quite yet count my chickens until august. It’d look bad for us all to praise him then come back with bad news.

Really wanted to attend the boot camp and was in touch with Marc early in the process. Marc went to great lengths to help me make up my mind and provided me with some tailored access to his stuff and to former boot camp participants who sang his praises. Ultimately I was unable to fly out to any of his bootcamps and while I hope to be “one and done” by myself, I, for one, am a big fan, and I hope he does well in the future.


Completely agree. First time at Level III and regardless of my result, I know I would have done worse without Marc’s videos and BootCamp. His IPS session and prior exam book alone were worth the price!

I worked his IPS book 3 times. Was great.

My only disappointment with the exam (not Marc) was that the IPS question on the exam was just way too easy… I wish it were as hard in previous years, because Marc definitely geared us up for it…

I ultimately decided not to use Marc this year, but I agree about the IPS question. I thought it was unexpectedly straightforward, but to be honest I was moving so fast I can only remember the basics about the set up. Still, I don’t remember struggling with it at all.

I hope I don’t come to regret not taking his class or buying his materials. If I don’t pass this year, I don’t think I could have done any more via self study and the two supplemental study providers I used to consolidate focus areas and for notes (GoStudy and IFT). If I don’t make it, Marc will probably getting some money from me.

Marc’s aces.

I worked it too. Marc is a demigod

Let’s not deify the guy yet, esp. with your handle oh patriarch …

I also took the bootcamp, the videos were also great.

No, Marc does not pay us to talk highly of him. But I have been struggling with level 3 and just couldn’t grasp the morning exam. He actually teaches Level 3 so that you understand the concept, where as other provider material I have tried, give easier questions to get you motivated or skirt over the harder material in hopes it doesn’t end up on the exam.

If you are stuggling with Level 3, I would use Marc’s videos and bootcamp before Schweser anyday.

I agree that Marc is a genius the guy has Mensa level IQ and apparently a very successful entrepreneur… few people in the world have memorized the level 3 curriculum to his extent that he can recall specific page numbers and which years topics were tested in AM… it’s scary honestly.

with that said… my only criticism is that CFAI is aware of Marc’s “binder” and have changed the exam to the extent that looking at AM papers from +10 years ago have less and less value.

his review book is worth a few hundred $ on its own and better than any other 3rd party notes… but taking his “Boot camp” is no shortcut to passing… you still have to put in the hours and the work on your own

All truth. Its a review seminar/bootcamp. Any one who treats it as cram session has either genius level memory recall or is an idiot. Its like 35-40 hours of study total so you still need to do another 400 or so.

I didnt know he had his own program until the last week. I did watch his old Schweser videos on youtube and they helped a lot. I hope i dont have to take it again, but if i do I will look into using level up.

Marc used to work with Schwser earlier right? Some old videos of him probably 2013 in schweser i had seen on youtube

I met Marc in Atlanta several years ago when he and I were teaching for Schweser: I taught the 3-day Level I course and he taught the Level III course. We met again the next year in San Francisco under the same circumstances.

Marc’s a good guy, and he knows his stuff.