Marc Lefebvre

was sooo bad for Equity residual income I had to buy the Elan video for just that section. I love John Bone but Marc is just a clusterf**ck. Can’t keep a thought together

Haha nice. I’m yet to start equity. How did you find Elan video for that section?

Im afraid you’ll have to buy it straight from Elan. It’s only $15 but Peter Olinto is a fucking demon! just straight up no-nonsense, linear and logical. Don’t even bother going through Schweser for any of the Equity videos, Lefebvre is just awful, you’re better off reading it yourself.

Hey, I thought LeFebvre was pretty good. Only complaint I have is that I kept wondering how the heck you pronounce his name…

I didnt quite like LeFebvre for level 3 as well and Peter Olinto is not there for Level 3 angry

How in the world do you buy a video for $15? I thought you had to buy the whole package for hundreds? Thanks.

Elan lets you buy invidiual chapter videos for $15-20 and chapter notes for $5-20. It’s cool if you just need to brush up on a few subjects but I think it’s more expensive than just buying a package which will give you practice questions as well. Personal preference I guess.

Yeh I can’t pronounce his name either! Kinda like Brett Farve spells his name Favre. Annoying!

This is the way I’m going. For subject I struggle with (i.e. Pensions), I buy the video. It’ll end up being cheaper since there is no way I’m sitting through all the videos. Also, if you ever to to the point where you’ve spent more than the $400 on individual purchase, I’m sure you could negotiate with Elan to get a big discount on the whole package. You just need to ask.

I remember that guy… haha

Marc is fucking awesome! I don’ know what you guys are saying. I love his videos, he’s always enthusiastic about everthing.

I don’t like the guy with a really high pitch voice, couldn’t stand it! I like men with someone what deeper voices…lol

Saw Marc and had him for Creighton Univ Bootcamp for L2, passed from it finally! Took the Bootcamp fr him again for L3, think I will pass again and IT WILL BE BECAUSE OF THAT BASTARD!!! The return cal was brilliant. All the insider tips and shortcuts you can’t get from Schweser gave me hope and confidence. It was darn good. Well worth all the $$$ but this time on L3, they had less snacks unlike the previous year:/.

Big time fan of Peter Olinto and David Heatherington :slight_smile:

I had the pleasure of working with both Peter and David when I was Level III curriculum manager at Stalla, and with David since at Schweser.

They’re both awesome.

I took Stalla classes in 2009-2010 and will half the credit to Peter and David actually for my result. I was completely new to everything at that time (even A = L + E was new to me :)) and they are the people I would like to call “Sir or Professor”!

David Heatherington came for L3 videos as well and he was freaking awesome… Some people feel he is a bit slow, but I loved his class (always)!

Glad to know you worked with them Magician! If you still are still in contacts with them, please pass them my regards :slight_smile:

I actually didn’t plan on loggin in for a while, but after the Lefebrve comment I had to. I freaking love the dude, his enthusiasm and no nonscense attitude is great. He actually became my favorite after I was so used to the BYU guy.

However, I have heard Olinto is great also, possibly the best two out there. Also, can you provide the link where you can buy individual videos.

In France, the name LeFebvre would be pronounced something like luh-FEHV-ruh.

I believe Marc americanizes his last name to something like leh-FEE-vur.

My favorite guy was John Bone. There’s nothing more encouraging to me than hearing a British accent and ‘rrrright!’ when you’re going through the most hellish material.

LeFebre wasn’t bad, the only thing that would irritate me is that he’d always say ‘su v E’ as opposed to ‘su b E’.

Bijesh Tolia put me to sleep.

And Andy Holmes gave the greatest sense of optimism and humor, plus I like his interjections about real world experiences.

people are seriously studying level 2 right now, just to have to re-learn everything they forgot, 10 months later?