Marc Lefebvre's levelup videos

Hi All, I am curious to know whether anyone has used levelup videos for level 3 and what you thought of it?

Yes, they’re great.

Thanks for replying googs. Are you able to elaborate a bit more about the aspects you like about it?

I had a quick look at his level 3 intro on youtube and it definitely seems that there is lots going on in his lectures with the vital source curriculum, level up slides, ipaid/writing area and a section where you can see his face. Given the multi faceted approach, did you find the lectures simple and useful in explaining concepts and examples?


I’m also interested to know about the levelup videos. I emailed Marc and he wrote back a great personalised email to me within hours.

If you used levelup videos as your main study source alongside say the books please let me know. I am interested to know whether the videos could be enough for primary study

Marc’s videos are extremely high quality. As you mentioned, there’s lots going on and I think he carefully thought out how to incorporate different elements to make sure he can teach as effectively as possible. Obviously, people will pass using many different methods. It’s my opinion that if you want to give yourself the best chance of passing- use LevelUp. He TEACHES the curriculum and does so directly from CFAI material. I’d recommend starting early as some of the videos are lengthy and you will want time to work though what he is teaching. He provides a very clear framework of how to work through the concepts.

CFA DE how did you do it? Did you have your books open infront and read as he went along or just watch the videos writing notes then going straight onto questions?

Similar to rexthedog’s question, did you read from the CFA book first and then watch the vidoes, or the other way around so you could see the areas to focus on which Marc highlights?

Again, guys, you’ll have better answers for these questions after 8/8.

But my 2 cents: I will agree that Marc’s videos are awesome, but expect to take your time with them. There were a couple chapter videos that were extremely long - we’re talking over two hours and some that were close to 3 hours. Reading first is probably best and then watch the video after you read. Also use the search function for Level Up or Marc and I am sure you can find some older threads about it. The bootcamp is worth the money. I had some personal issues where I wasn’t fully focused on the exam till around March and April and still feel like the videos plus the bootcamp got me to a place where I could sit for the exam.

Marc is very cute

I did the videos and boot camp this year. I thought the videos were a great supplement to the boot camp because it:

  1. showed you marc’s teaching style and approach to the material ahead of time 2) The boot camp is a sped up version of the videos and all of the stuff he highlights in the videos he is covering in the boot camp. By using the videos, you will have already highlighted everything he is going to cover, reviewed it a number of times, and thought of questions to ask when you get to that point in the boot camp.

Without the videos, at the boot camp you are spending your time highlighting and trying to understand the material at a much faster clip. I am sure for much sharper people than myself you may not need the videos but I noticed that since I had pre-highlighted stuff I had additional time to write marc’s commentary next to it such as “Marc (strongly) thinks this might be tested because it has not been in a while…” etc etc. He was pretty darn accurate about his hunches and fortunately that is what I spent my last minutes studying which was extremely helpful.

I watched the videos before reading. Kept the books open- highlight, go through slidebook, etc. this made the reading easier for me. Then read and went through blue boxes and questions. Again, there are different ways for people to get to the same result. Regardless of 8/8, I felt as prepared as possible for exam and didn’t see anything on exam that was a complete surprise. If I didn’t execute, it’s not indicative of what I reasonably could have been expected to know. Other candidates have commented there were items on the exam not covered by Schweser. I did not think that was the case with LevelUp. LevelUp is not a shortcut. It’s going through the curriculum and learning. However, I think Marc is able to do it in a manner that is engaging and provides a foundation for you to be able to really dig into topics.

I cannot thank you all enough for your valuable input. I was always keen on signing up to the bootcamp as it has been well covered in this forum that he does a great job. However his videos on the other hand have not been out that long and lacks reviews. But after listening to your feed back, I’ll be signing up to the combo which includes the videos.

I am signed up for the videos and bootcamp in the spring through the “combo” package. I will be starting my studying on September 1st. Early bird gets the worm! :wink:

Just signed up for the Combo. Plan to start September 1st as well!

Bump because Marc deserves it. Passed because of him.

^^^Agreed. I was a band 9 retaker this year, and I credit Marc LeFebvre & LevelUp for getting me over the finish line. I did the videos and the San Francisco bootcamp. The videos help break down the CFAI curriculum bit by little bit. Yes, they are long, but if you take your time and really work through them, you will be in very good shape by the time the bootcamp rolls around. I typically read the CFAI material first, then watched his videos, then went through all of the blue box examples and end of chapter questions afterwards as review. As for the bootcamp… if you’ve done the work ahead of time and kept up with the videos, it is an excellent review and gives you the chance to really cement your knowledge and ask questions. One of the most valuable parts of the bootcamp was Marc’s excellent coaching at coping with the AM essay. In addition, Marc is a great, great teacher - highly energetic and super motivating. Good luck to everyone facing 2018 L3 and congrats to all who passed.

Congrats on passing M_Mitchell08 and basianov! Hoping to get the same result next year!

You will! :slight_smile:

Would be cool to see how others at Levelup did this year!

Team LevelUp. Did the videos + NYC Boot Camp combo and just passed my first attempt at Level III.