March 2012

Who has started studying for March 2012?

I will start studying very soon, in 2 weeks. My question is: are schweser books sufficient for L2? I did L1 on the course books using only the QBank and mock exams from Schweser, and I had the impression I wasted time on the books, while Schweser seemed to be more accurate and spot on. It is the same for L2? The essay part would make me wonder about the sufficiency of Schweser books only. Thanks!

I’ve started studying for CAIA Level II March 2012, but only casually. I’m pleased that Level II has a reputuation for being much more challenging than Level I; I felt that CAIA Level I was disappointing elementary.

I ordered UM books (incl. test bank + flash cards). I have repeatedly heard UM is best for test bank. I just ordered actual text for Advanced Core topics. The reason for latter was based on combined advice from AF past posts and past L2 takers. Also an older AF thread recommended using the flash cards extensively for essay prep… books should arrive in 2-3 days and then I started studying… If you haven’t already done so, I’d recommend reading past posts from 11 months ago. Hope it helps!

toHFanalyst, Which posts are you referring to exactly?

@ponch, sorry I’m so tired and have date with pillow. I cannot remember the titles but you’ll see I’ve responded to 2-3 of them already. Could you look for any I’ve commented on recently? If that doesn’t help, 11 months ago people were asking the same questions we are today, so try looking back a few pages…

good night then :slight_smile: I ordered Schweser few days ago, I hope I havent made a mistake! Anyway I used it on Level 1 as well a month ago, and I passed it brilliantly. I guess once you do 2000 questions and 3 mock exams sky’s the limit.

I think you should be ok with any test prep brand, but what do I know? It may be fair to say as long you use the same method, i.e. test bank and flash cards. So yes, 2000 questions from anywhere sounds good for MCQ. As for your earlier question on essays, someone said flash cards helped word-for-word and another said was good foundation for it. What I heard and what I experienced with UM are actually two different things. UM tbank was only 1000 q’s with 200 last minute add-ons. I didn’t see any exact same questions on exam, but it really helped to locate weak areas to focus on. The exam was disappointing. I walked out depressed a bit :frowning: Hey, I met one of the past markers at an event. Have you gone out to those? My other advice was gleaned from those who passed.

Also try L2 posts from 2-3 months ago, e.g. “Where do you stand for Sept exam?” Cheers!

Schweser is the way to go. Don’t waste your time nor money with Uppermark; they’re a mom and pop shop, and Kaplan Schweser is a real institution with website that works, books that make perfect sense and service that is unrivaled.