March L2, too late?

Just earned my charter this year.

I feel I am still in study mode… but is the March 11 exam day too soon do you think?

I am hopeful I can grasp the material well but not sure if getting a bit tightly squeezed on timings here.

Has anyone done L2 before and can give an indication of how many hours, or generally how intense their workload was? Full weekends for example?

Not too late at all. Sat for CFA Level III this June and sat for CAIA Level II this September. Results won’t be back for a few weeks, but I feel like the ~150 hours that I put in over 3 months (mostly weekends) gave me more than a decent shot at passing.

I only read the official CAIA textbook and the CIT readings, but I did supplement with the UpperMark QBank. I took the same approach for CAIA I, which I sat for in March 2018.

I thought I responded to this but it didn’t take.

3 months is plenty of time. I pushed the envelope and basically tried to squeeze it all in within 2 months (minus a week vacation) and that was too tight, I needed an extra week or two probably and would’ve like to not cram so much.

One month to review ALL the material at your own pace.

One month to complete a course/begin Qbank/re-review concepts.

One month to really pound to pavement and get ~3 full mocks in, crush qBank, and re-re-review concepts you struggle with plus ethics.

Thanks guys - I dont want to disrespect the difficult of the designation, as I am sure you all worked super hard to pass the exams. My question though, is that did you feel as CFA charter holder the process was ‘easier’ in terms of difficulty and work ethic? I suppose once you been in the CFA trenches, nothing else feels so bad. Happy to be corrected here though.

My thoughts are that taking the exam in March is definitely doable. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of the exam though. It’s not as easy as some people may tell you. It still requires a lot of studying. But I’m sure you have a good work ethic and good study habits. So go for it! I think a lot of people who sit for CAIA still are not CFA charterholders, so their work ethic may or may not be lower than someone who has gone through the rigors of the CFA. You should have a leg up on those people. But again, put the recommended 200 hours in is my advice and do the mocks! Good luck!

CFA is broad trivial finance info, not that rigorous; all others are. CFA didn’t add much for me; all others did. In summary CFA is over rated and inflated. FRM and CAIA are way more beneficial and of value.

Thanks - I am interested to know what your PhD was in

Finance, corporate finance

and what is your role now?

Check linkedin

I’m in exact same boat as Rex, haven’t started studying yet. We’ll see…

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I think I’m going to take the plunge. Will report back in March if I’m still alive! :slight_smile: