Marcus Lemonis - The Profit

What do you think about this guy and his show on CNBC? He writes checks for $500k or so every episode on businesses I would hesitate to buy a single product.

They make it look so simple on TV, but I wonder how his investments actually pan out? I guess if 6 or 7 out of 10 are successful he makes money, but he really has to depend on these small time business owners to get their act together.

Not sure if he makes money on the investments or not, but the show is entertaining. I loved the one with the toy company where the idiot owner told the guy from NASCAR that nobody likes NASCAR.

It’s reality TV brah. Therefore it is all real! I’ve only seen parts of a few episodes, but doesn’t he take over 50% of the ownership per the investment?

Mark Cuban from Shark Tank talked about the behind the scenes aspect of the show. They shake hands on TV and agree on deal, but the actual deal term sheet is full of contingencies, audits, and other diligence. He said a small amount of deals agreed upon the camera actually play out due to the owner lying, being investigated by the IRS, being sued by former associates, and so on.

To be fair though, outside of the South, this is basically true.

and Midwest.

I heard the same. Somewhere between 20%-30% of the deals actually go through after the initial handshake.

nothing on tv is real. the only actual reality tv is big brother. everyting else is scripted and edited. if you dont believe type into google “your favorite tv show + fake”.

here is the real deal about shark tank:

^ I read it and don’t see how Shark Tank is scripted or fake? Edited? I hope so. You want to see pitches lasting hours?

u didnt read how the main guy has an ear piece? they stop and refilm stuff.

google it, 99% of shows are scripted and edited to make them seem real

^ I read it and it said that they never refilm. And the main guy with an ear piece is normal. I see nothing wrong with that or editing hundreds of hours into a few hours.

read the comments and other sites. its edited like crazy so the producers cut the espidoes the way they want and not necissarily hwo everything happened. how is that a definiton of reality television? if you think this show is real i dont know what to tell you.

do you also think restaurant stakeout or mystery doners is real?

I read elsewhere that the producers no longer get a percentage of the companies on Shark Tank. Apparently Mark Cuban threatened to pull out if they continued to do it because it resulted in fewer deals getting done and fewer good companies coming on because they didn’t want to automatically give up 5%.

Never heard those shows.

Cuban is by far the one that most people want to do a deal with, to the point where they give out a bigger equity stake. Robert is on the other extreme, where he has to overpay (take less equity) just to be in the game. O’Leary is still my favorite.

is it me or does that fubu guy dress like a clown

If you want to see someone dressing like a clown, look at Don Cherry.

yea but don cherry didnt not come up with a 4 billion dollar fashino line lol

How did a conversation about The Profit turn into Shark Tank? I guess that’s closer on topic than most WC threads. . .

As for The Profit, does anyone else find that dude awkward? To me he gives me the creeps.

And FT’s links criticisms are mostly non-existance anymore, except for editing and such. A higher percentage of deals go through now due to prior DD and they removed that royalty.

^ It wasn’t my link.

Marcus is not the smoothest guy around, but I don’t find him awkward or creepy. In any case, I enjoy the show.