Margin Call - The movie

Is pretty good…

Highly recommend it

I agree. I also made a thread about it 3 weeks ago :wink:


Just saw it tonight too, it was pretty good. Viceroy, I think you’d said you liked how they didn’t stop to explain basic concepts in really stupid side conversations. I liked that too. Some of the grandiose dialogue was unrealistic (mostly on the CEO’s end), but the rest was good.

Another dumb thing was when they asked the guy what his credentials were and he rattled off about his PhD like that made him a boss. Everyone in the theater chuckled. In real life those are a dime a dozen and while adding strength to your background aren’t gonna get head traders to act like you’re the rain man. Also, the “model” in question was treated like a closed system forecast where the math was the only thing that mattered and all outcomes were certain. And it’s weird that no one in the organization opposed liquidating.

^^ I don’t remember saying what you said I said :wink: On the guy’s credentials, if I remember correctly, he wasn’t some random PhD, but rather had a PhD on applied physics from MIT or something funky like that. But yeah, they made a big deal out of that in the movie. Agree on the “model” BS. And that’s what I liked the less about the movie. They presented it like some sort of huge secret breakthrough.

Yeah, honestly, not one of those guys had heard of Var before and knew about its assumptions? This movie was wall street propaganda at its best. Directed by the son of a former Merril Lynch executive.