Margot Robbie in the Wolf of Wall Street

looks most like…

A) Kate Upton

B) Jaime Pressly

C) ScarJo

D) Jaime King

Jaime Pressly…but shes got her own thing too. Margot Robbie is a goddess in that movie.

She’s smoking, Wouldn’t mind doing a hooker that looked like her.

But I wish Jordan had some bloody spine in the movie.

I’ve not seen the movie, but based on a quick Googling, I’d agree with Jaime Pressly.

Was there ever a worse butchering of a name than taking Scarjo out of Scarlett Johansson?

Edit: Also, Jaime Presley, I agree.

Jaime Pressly for sure. I would take them both. Two girls at one times. That’s right.

her fake Strong Island accent was like buttah.

She deserves the rectal probe.

I watched this movie on a plane this past weekend and was very very sad they edited out the full frontal nudity.

I actually thought Jamie Pressly was in the movie until someone pointed that out to me.

I like Cobie Smulders.

That scene where she pushes away Leo with those sexy heels and dress is engraved in my mind.

Given I can’t stand Dicaprio… It’s priceless.

I was really turned off by her accent. sounded trashy

Damn! All women should be required to dress like that. My only critique is that the heels should be a few inches more.

Love her dress! But heals? Really? Really?

Her heels aren’t nice. I see much better walking the streets of my city. What I meant is that women should wear heels, the higher the better.

Platforms also pass my test.

Her heels are too high already. For eveyday at least…