Mark Meldrum mock exam relevancy

guys, i’ve just finished MM 2019 mock 1, and scored much lower than past CFAI AM mocks and CFAI online Q bank and IFT mocks.

specifically, MM mock 1 AM Q6-D, Q8-ABCD were very unfamiliar: Q6-D “identify equity fund investment substyle” ; Q8 Alternative Investment relates to commodities (forward price, spot price, convenience yield, topics we seen in Level 2) .

So, questions are:

  1. are all MM mocks relevant to 2019 curriculum?

  2. how is MM difficulty level compared to real exam?


  1. Yes. Look at the answer guidelines which shows the reading and subsections of the text. Then you csn track down where it is

  2. Yes the test is harder than most because it does tests stuff that is mentioned only once , such as the commodity /convience yield question u ran into

Thank you for reply. But I notice that for AM solutions, there is no related link provided by MM (PM solutions do provide). Also, as I go through comparing IFT vs MM, notice that IFT says commodity price (contango/ backwardation etc), convenience yield and stuff are NOT relevant.

Reading 30 discusses convenience yield, albeit briefly (§5.3.1, p. 52).

I wrote those exams from the 2019 curriculum.

Oh yes you’re right the PM has the reading numbers and sections but the AM does not. Rest assured, I’ve done all the MM questions and they are all in the text… however, some can be obscure and mentioned only once in the paper… hard to remember one sentence in 6 400+ page books lol.

So certain questions are a bit tougher than general “core” material.

Why would anybody do that?


double thumbs up…no quartrible thumbs up

thank you

Sorry, posted on the wrong forum.

I’ve finished L2 MM Exam 1 & 2. I found questions to be challenging but I can’t compare to other exams, since these are the first two that I’ve done so far. My score is 62%, 62% & 55%, 68%. Greatly disappointed with the results so far, but I believe the topics tested in these two exams are wake up call on the volume of material and depth of understanding required at this level :frowning: