Mark Meldrum Mocks

Anyone else use these or doing them? I took the first of four yesterday and got a 50 on AM and 76 on PM. Found both AM and PM extremely difficult.

You are not the only one. 45% AM 73% PM here on 1 of 4. You did very good on PM, though, so with a little bit more practice you should be fine.

Took the second one today. Did better on AM but worse on PM. 62 AM and 63 PM. I’ve been reading that MM’s are harder than both CFAI and Kaplan, so hopefully that would be a pass. Still not quite comfortable yet though.

I also wonder what the weaker candidate pool due to COVID is going to do to MPS with there not being any NYC, LA, SF, Chicago etc.

That is still (in my personal opinion) a comfortable grade above passing. My exam 2 AM is 49%, though I recoup some of that destruction through the PM.

I doubt there will be much of a change to the MPS due to candidate pool (it will be more affected by how difficult the exam is vis-a-vis other years). The change that I am more curious about is the passing %. All the December takers have been studying this exam (admittedly on and off) for a good part of the year. I think (read: hope) that the higher preparedness translates to a higher passing %, and not a higher MPS.

I did a little worse than you guys. My range for AM is 36-58 and 58-65 for PM. I already completed the four exams.

For the 36 percent AM grade, just look at where you bombed and revise until you’re comfortable with it 50 percent and or above is where while I think it’s possible to improve, it will probably be marginal. pretty much everyone either scores in the 50-mid 60s range for AM that passes. for PM though, you probably want to shoot for mid-high 70s. i’m not very happy with my score on PM mock two but I will say some of the questions weren’t fair or just poorly worded.

Make sure to go over all questions in the PM to read and see if they were actually fair. There have been about 3-5 each PM for MMs exams that I’ve taken were they were just kind of crappy questions with more than one right answer tbh. CFAI, as you know being a Level III candidate will never ask tricky or confusing questions. And if they do and enough people get it wrong or complain, they will remove it from grading.

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