Mark Meldrum or LevelUp

What would you recommend?

There’s a wide gap in the cost of taking them, so appreciate any feedback.

I watched Mark’s videos for L2 and they were great. Anyone passed using his videos for L3 along with curriculum?

Mark is releasing his L3 videos for the first time for June 2018 exams, So, there is no historical precedence or experience to bank on.

HUGE fan of LevelUp. LeFabve’s L3 videos were amazing. Went through the curriculum and then watched his videos which also goes through the curriculum and his slide book.

I must have went through/reviewed his slide book 20+ times before the exam. IMO the best study material/notes I’ve come across from all three levels. Used Schweser for level 1 and 2.

Boot camp was great too. IPS workshop and binder of old exams were priceless.

I felt very confident coming out of the exam and the results showed it. Like I said a huge fan.

Apparently not amazing enough that you could bother to spell his surname correctly: _ LeFebvre _.

hahaha priceless!

Marc > Mark

watch his GIPS videos if you’re having trouble sleeping

I have heard a lot about Marc’s IPS workshop (at the bootcamp)…Does he also cover the IPS related strategies/tips etc. in his videos?

This question has been answered in numerous other threads…

IPS is only at the bootcamp.