Mark Meldrum question bank

Hello ,

Any one using Mark Meldrum level 1 complete package can give an overview for their question bank ?

How is the answer for each question ? does it have sufficient explanation for 2 scenario ( If Wrong , If right )

I look to Wiley question bank but it’s very poor in their comments on answers

I use them a lot of them have explanations, but not all through, I have been finding very usefull.

Thanks very much . Is it similar to CFA questions ?

Some questions are good and similar for CFA questions, but some go way more in depth (like some from probabilities from his question bank are way more complex than CFA ones for example).

It really depends on the topic, some are really well and similar to the CFA bank and some looks way more in depth.

For the first readings of Corporate Finance (the first 2 ones) his question bank is also harder.

For Fixed Income I got almost the same percentage hit percentage from CFA Bank (all FI questions) and Mark Meldrums Bank (All FI questions), I had 77% in the first one and 78% in the second one, but I guess the similarity of questions really depends on the topic.

People go with Mark Meldrum because he makes exceptional videos that can make even the most complex topics understandable. I know many people who go with him who choose to still purchase a Q Bank and mocks from a different third prep provider to make sure they have enough, as doing lots of questions is crucial.