Mark Meldrum vs. Finquiz - Test bank and mocks...etc

Just looking for options on MM vs. FQ in terms of the mocks they offer and their test bank. I am currently using Wiley and have almost completed the CFA Qbank. I am trying to get the most out of the time we have left.

Any ideas?

You have Wiley, which means you have one of the worst qbank/mocks out there! (Sorry I dont like Wiley’s product from past experience).

MM and Finq are both good. Better then most. They are slightly harder than the real deal. They are good practice. I score about 5-10% less on both of their mocks than compared to Kaplan, IFT, CFAI and Konvexity.

Thanks for the input!

I failed L3 last year (barely…still stings) and I took all of the mocks going back to 2010 during last years prep. Re-taking them wouldn’t be a fair gauge of my understanding as I would likely remember some stuff which would skew my results. I’ll likely go with Finquiz since they have mocks and a qbank for the same cost as MM’s mocks. I’ll take as many high quality mocks as I can.

Finquiz mocks are definitely hard and they have over 3700 questions in their qbank with item sets. I am actually very impressed with their qbank as it seems to test you on every detail so as to not miss corners. MM has a good question bank too but you can’t immediately review an answer after selecting it and instead have to wait until you finish your quiz to review the answers. This isn’t a deal breaker by any means and his qbank is still of excellent use and quality but just something I figured I’d point out since people like myself generally like to see the answer right away while it’s still fresh in the mind. Wiley’s qbank is solely AM style questions and isn’t the best in my opinion. Schweser has a good qbank as well. Anything to drill the concepts is what I look for.