Mark Meldrum

Has anyone used the Mark Meldrum study package? If so, how was it?

Mark has a very good reputation here; many people have sung the praises of his materials.

(Full disclosure: as of 2/18/18, I am doing some work with Mark: initially writing practice questions for Level III and grading Level III practice morning exams.)

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Thank you very much. I am retaking the Level 3 exam, band 7, and I am not sure if I should do the full package or middle package. I have already gone through all of the material using last year’s Kaplan books and reading updated FI in the CFAI books. Any suggestion on which package I should buy?

I am a big fan of Mark’s work and think you should go with the full package.

Hello Pelumi

I used its study package for level II and I am using its study package for level III (combined with partial packages of other providers):

Quickly, my opinion (with no direct comparison with other providers):

  • Like level 2, high quality videos for the technical topics (Currency, FI, derivatives). I find him very good to make easier the difficult concepts. It’s (a little) less useful for “wordy topics” when reading through the curriculum is still the best strategy I suppose.

  • He is always trying to improve the content and the “deepness” of its package (its youtube videos explain it well). It’s really pleasant.

  • Globally I find the package VERY cheap for the usefulness even if he probably doesn’t have the financial means of its competitors (to provide books, big Qbanks etc…)

Have a good day

Thank you!

Meldrum level II videos were legit. Went into great detail on topics, while making it digestible by explaining how concepts work in real world scenarios. And videos are very cheap relative to other providers…definitely most bang for buck.

He’s by far better than schweser if you want to understand things rather than learn them just to pass…

Thank you all for your input. Going to buy it right now!

I really like his videos, I find he does a terrific job explaining the concepts that I get stuck with. I would recommend! I use him in conjunction with Wiley’s study guides, which I think are alright as well!

This is my second attempt at level 3 (passed level 1 first try, 2 attempts on level 2). On all previous levels I used Schweser and occasionally referenced the CFAI text. This go around I’ve totally ditched Schweser as I think it glosses over some topics that require more analysis for level 3. I’ve been watching the MM videos while following along with the CFAI text and so far they have been great. He’s really good at explaining topics so far. I bought the “Full Level Subscription” and am looking forward to the mocks, especially since S2000magician has been involved. He’s been an incredibly valuable resource on these forums over the last 4+ years of my studying as well! @S2000magician, any insite as to when Dr.Mark’s mock exams will be available? Or are they already available and I just can’t find them…