Market Anomalies & implications for Weak EMH

Can someone help me understand what the market anomalies are and their implications for the EMH (LOS 57B)? Thank you!

For every year of my adult life, Lean Hog futures have risen on my birthday. This is known as the “Pig Joey” effect. If markets were truly efficient, the probability of this event would be 1/2^27. Clearly this is a refutation of weak form EMH…

Your birthday anomoly does not refute the weak form, unless you realize this before your next birthday and make advantage of it. Simply going over past data and seeing this pattern (anomoly) does not refute weakform EMH. Dreary

Darn. I’ve missed it 27 straight years. Next year is the charm.

When did your adult life start?

27 years ago I was first able to drink and vote. I’m very proud that the first vote I ever cast in my life was for The Gipper.

My favorite guy too! Too bad we don’t have real presidents anymore, but I digress. Dreary