market data info

Does anyone know where I can get historical share info. Specificxally I need the historical market cap on certain dates of a london exchange stock, also an italian and a swedish. Any help greatly appreciated

Actually I just want to find the Enterprise value of these firms at a specific date. Anyway to find this out?? Not exactly what you need but you can export into excel and then multiply shares outstanding by closing price to get within range of MKT Cap fluctuations. Hell, you could even put your L1 learning to use and determine the confidence interval of where the MKT Cap falls and determine which values will fall outside the 1,2,&3rd Std. Dev.

Presumably the issue is trying to figure out how many shares are outstanding, historically. Most of the time the number of shares is constant, but there are splits, special share dividends, new equity purchases, etc… I’ve never needed to grab that data from sources like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc…, so I don’t know if they have historical shares outstanding. Seems like they might, since it’s not too hard for them to locate that data and it doesn’t change that often.

You could ask your ex how equity outstanding has fluctuated over time. Just sayin.

I don’t think Yahoo, etc. have historic shares outstanding, but they might. I’d grab the unadjusted stock price from Yahoo and get shares outstanding from the companies’ audited financial statements. How many companies are you looking for?

Just 3 companies. The financial statements seem to have all the information. Still I am not sure what to include as interest bearing debt now for enterprise value. I’ll work it out tomorrow. It is just interest bearing debt right? long-term that is used. What about otehr long term liabilities?