Market Orientated Equity Style

This trips me:

Market orientated investment styles buy if the market value is below intrinsic value.

Why does this scream value stock to me?

… and if the P/E ratio is above its peers (growth style feature) or their dividend yield below its peers

Intrinsic value can be anything based on the model you use. I get that it sounds odd since you’re talking about intrinsic value, but it could just be a manager trying to exploit price inefficiencies without tilting to value or growth. You could replace the word intrinsic value by model implied price.

I also was unnerved by this question

Thanks Moon, but Still why is it suggesting that buying below intrinsic value is a market orientated strategy - Given your rationale it could be any strategy, value growth or market orientated. Im not sure if the sentence is explicitly saying that buying below I.V is a sole distinction of M.O Strategies…

MO is like a catch-all style, whatever isn’t value or growth. The substyles highlight this, like “growth at a reasonable price (GARP)”, “style rotation”. Latter could be buying styles based on whether the manager thinks value or growth stocks are below intrinsic value.