Market pumping fed, questioned on ethics

Yellen & Crew are so totally owned. I laugh at the naive sorts, who actually believe in some dusty book about how things are “supposed” to work, you know “independent fed” etc. Cmon, be realistic.

If only my boy ron paul was still there to put things into perspective.

Word of the day…

Pawn : a person used by others for their own purposes.

^PA, it’s 3:30am! even if you are on the west coast… what the heck are you doing up? I totally have an excuse wink

Global markets never sleep! Asia closing up the week. Hoping for blood for the US Friday…

^yea, markets have been kinda cranky this session. So of course, trades have been going well tonight! yes Hope the spillage continue into regular hours for you!

Regarding the Fed. I’ve been thinking more about Trump’s theory, to be fair Trump doesn’t know anything about anything, except being a fat dumbass, and market scams. He’s an authority on that, so I keep studying his theory…

Obama got to be the “saved the market” guy. The Fed did the dirty work for him. What, near the end of his term they are going to walk away, crash the market, and make his legacy a joke? Of course not. If they have realized this is a no win game, they will wait until 2017, then distance themselves from the mess…

Then, it gives Clinton/Trump a chance to be a hero. With the market in trouble again, they could use fiscal policy. Why haven’t they used that yet? Because, they need to save it for the next president, it wouldn’t be fair to give Obama both monetary+fiscal, and leave Clinton/Trump with nothing. Trump will do the biggest fiscal bump in the history of the world, and bankrupt the US 100x more than Reagan, but the market will love it, for awhile.

It’s all very interesting to analyze.

I bet you think the US government caused 9/11 too huh?

^ Try adding some substance (analysis) to your posts. Your substance/troll ratio is falling fast. no

Ok how’s this: your “analysis” is a garbage conspiracy theory, nothing more. I am genuinely curious what other conspiracy theories you have?

What about Bin Laden still being alive and living in the White House?

And so, what will happen when exactly the scenario I outlined happens? You will never remember this thread, and will be posting about “conspiracy theories” in some other thread, which you will in turn be wrong about also.