Market Ranking

How would you rank the following derivatives markets by market size, volume, contracts traded, participants, etc. This is how I would rank them. Also, are there any I missed or any other parameters that you would think are important? Fixed Income FX Credit Rates Hybrids (things like converts, insurance, etc) Commodities Equity

Huh what

where do all these f’n english majors keep coming from!??!?

hint: FX is the largest in prob every category

the FX market is the largest market in the world

if you’re lumping things as different as convertibles and insurance into some BS category called “hybrids” then your “hybrid” category would be pretty large.

Sorry, what I meant was from a modeling perspective you would need hybrid modeling to price, as an example, convertible bonds and variable annuities. So does this list look more accurate? I have added converts to FI and insurance have left off… FX Fixed Income Credit Rates Commodities Equity