Marketing Major to take the CFA?

Hey, I’m graduating this year with my bachelors with Marketing Major. Until last summer, while studying I was working f/t in a financial company as account rep/manager - basically doing a marketing function… I’m really interested in the CFA as a long term career growth option, and have a good understanding of finance, having taken a few CFA related electives. The challenge I have is whether working towards the CFA, while in marketing, will be a drastic move in my career and get me working at the bottom of finance. My hope is that working in finance industry as marketing function like I did before will allow better transition and promotion into finance. Could anyone share their opinions or experience on whether I’m planning to do the right thing? Cheers,

If you make the move from marketing to finance, you will probably start from the bottom regardless if you have the CFA or not.

I’ve seen it done, the guy is a PM now. Also I have a BA in marketing and I’m doing okay. :wink:

Can you clarify your end goal? I know there would be a demand in your background in the marketing / client relations departments of large asset managers, etc. Its often tough to find people with both the marketing / people and analytical/ quantitative skill sets and this is crucial since any firm needs a capital gathering wing to survive. Its great to have sales/ relationship people who can actually understand what they are selling :slight_smile:

My end goal is a career where I can leverage marketing background with finance, with main emphasis on either, seeing how it seems that there are multiple finance positions that to bridge with marketing and visa versa, whether it’s external such as direct investor relations or internal functions like market research or market strategy and so on. Then, educationally, as I am finishing my major, I’ve seen myself enjoy finance as well, but would rather specifically target the charter than getting a double major. As for my working experience, I’ve engaged with clients through only basic understanding of financial products, that is from a financial perspective, so I want to enhance that as well. But then again, that’s why I’m a bit unsure if it is the right approach bridging both so openly…

I’ll have some synergy with that. …but in all seriousness, maybe you are en route to a role like “product manager,” for an asset management or bank. That combines some marketing with a deeper understanding of the investment process than a pure sales type would need (I do understand that marketing is not the same as sales).

I don’t think your marketing major will hurt, unless you went to a really unknown college. 80% of finance is sales.

Hello Mister Walrus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- 80% of finance is sales. word

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