mars lumograph vs staedler noris?

the lumograph is apparently a smoother pencil than the noris. but then I noticed the noris is darker and is easier to erase.

so the mars for calculations, then the noris for the scanotron? advice please.

hahaha the threads being posted these days…just use whatever pencil you like man, stop worrying about staedler vs mars. also, switching pencils for calculations vs scantron is just shooting yourself in the foot. we have limited time, why waste that on putting your pencil down, picking another up and oh wait one of the pencils fell down, now you have to pick that one up, and oh dear while picking it up your scantron flew away, now the paranoid procter thinks you’re part of some hare-brained cheating scheme and tears the scantron of you and the 4 people next to you right in front of your crying eyes. you shamefully walk out of the exam room where the 4 people who have been wronged beat you to an inch of your life, when finally the pencil that initially fell down, rolls slowly to you and stops. You pick it up, and there is a crude marking on it, you struggle to read with your black eye, but you can make out the sentence “Why did you bother?”.

Indeed, why did you bother with two different pencils for a scantron and calculation?