Is this important to know? Just seen this on the Econ portion of the Elan Mock 3. I don’t remember seeing it when I was studying. Can anyone provide a quick summary of this condition?

Three options: Don’t touch it (0 hrs), study it a little (15 minutes), study it a lot (45 mins)

Odds of it appearing are say 10%, and if it does it will be one question. You also have a 1/3 shot of just guessing it, and a 50/50 chance if you study it a little to be able to eliminate one choice.

Thus, probability x value x chance of getting it correct.

0.1 x 1 x (0.333) = 0.0333

0.1 x 1 x (0.5) = 0.05

0.1 x 1 x 1 = 0.1

Thus, if you study a lot you’re probably adding 0.1 of a point to your exam.

Unfortunately I already looked it up while I was writing this so I’ve wasted my time.


Who the hell are they?