Marvel Entertainment

Hello, I am not in the investment industry, but just had a quick question about Production companies. Are projected revenues from movies already priced? Marvel Entertainment has two pretty big movies coming out in Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Both with all star casts, proven to make money. Do people buy stocks based on the Box Office?

Yes. Even better question: Should they?

People used to buy 1 share so they could get the annual reports in CD presented by spidey, as they were thought to be collector’s items. This used to be the case a few years ago and not sure if they still do this.

Must have been more than a few years ago because I’ve owned shares at least 5 and nothing but a really cool coversheet on annual report. That said, they’re up at least 300% since I bought in so I’m not complaining (I think at one point they were up about 500%, but have since gone down.) I was initially interested in them from an interesting Motley Fools analysis. I don’t ever read anyone mentioning Motley Fools in this forum, is that a claim of shame that I enjoy their picks?