Masters degree in Finance after the CFA charter

Hi there,

I am planning to do a Master’s degree in Finance ( Banking and Finance : Law and Regulations of Banking and Financial Systems, with a specialty in economics or law) once I am done with the L3 exam, do you think it is worth it? Would it add value to my CV? (Considering that I will pay a lot!) - Planning to do it from the Sorbonne university (yet not a final decision yet on the uni choice), which I believe is a reputable enough university.

Would like to hear your thoughts!


The masters may give you networking opportunities and the degree can focus on areas that go deeper than the CFA curriculum. I would suggest you talk with career services at the university and personally that masters would be prime to work with a regulator or regulator-like. I would use LinkedIn to see if there are those that work in the companies you desire; do they have the charter or the masters? Also search the cfa members directory for those that are working in the company/area. Reach out to them. These people will provide you with more specific advice than most comments here.

usually not worth it.

It depends on what you want to do career-wise. Inasmuch as you’re a Level III candidate, I infer that you don’t aspire to being a CEO or COO and probably not a CFO. If that’s the case, then, unless you can get in to a world-class MBA program on the order of Harvard, Stanford, UChicago, Wharton, Dartmouth, Northwestern, M.I.T., Berkeley, Columbia, or Yale, I doubt that getting the degree would be worth the opportunity cost in terms of loss of career momentum and forgone compensation for two years.

Hope this is helpful.

Warren D. Miller, CFA, CPA / Lexington, Virginia / USA