Masters in Finance from Europe

Can anybody suggest me which university/college is best for masters in finance in Europe ?? Avg Experience ?? Profile required ?? I am a CFA Level 3 candidate for june 2011. Done my Bachelor in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (78%) with hons. 3 yrs of Exp (Electrical Research - Design & Development of new products) but not relevant to finance. Decent Extra curricular Awaiting your replies !!! Thanks & Regards

Go to MBA college! one more year in engineering, and your profile will become illiquid in Finance without an MBA, you need an entry level job with substantial experience on Resume, only MBA can get you that. MS Finance is best suited for freshers who wish to break into the industry or people with finance experience who’ve hit the glass ceiling! But, you know, nothing is impossible, and your target is nowhere close to impossible… but MBA seems better option for you. IMO!

More suggestions plz …

You know there are rankings online. Try the FT for a start. The London Business School is often regarded as the best or most prestigious. It is also the most expensive. Are you sure you want to do a general masters in Finance? Perhaps and MBA or specialist masters would suit you better.

Could you elaborate a little bit on your preferences, Sharmags? Where are you now? US? India? Do you have any particular preferences re languages/culture? Any particular geographical preferences? Financial constraints?

Carson Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The London Business School is often > regarded as the best or most prestigious. It is > also the most expensive. LSB requires minimum 2 years of work exp in finance. Everything else is aimed at freshers! MS Finance at HEC does have people with experience in other fields, but I doubt how good choice a MS Finance in France is, in this terrible economic climate.

I am located in India. I came to know that the education in Europe is cheaper & i do have financial constraints. I can manage the living expenses by any means. I am interested “Masters in Quantitative Finance” that i had heard in various forums. Please let me know if other good courses in finance are available. I am not considering MBA right now but may 6-7 yrs down the line if required . Thanks & Regards, GSS

Sharmags, before you check these links I should mention I don’t know *anything* about any other European country than my own. Although I also know that the LSE (mentioned above) certainly ha a good reputation. Now I’ll throw in those links. Doubt it is of any interest to anyone but, possibly, Sharmags. I would imagine each and every different EU country has some similar web pages!

check out Quant degress at Cass business school (City uni) or Msc Economics and Finance at London School of Economics. Warwick is also good for maths oriented degrees .

@@ akhan @@ can u please throw some light on 1. Ranking of masters in finance course - Cass (City university). 2. Placement assistance 3. career prospects after completion of course. Thanks & Regards,

Sharmags, Why don’t you go to the web page of Cass for this information, and then post it here?

check this link as well , it might help you.

Thanks to all !!!

Sharmags - 3rd level education in Europe tends to be less expensive in the US because the governments subsidise the cost. This almost always does applies only to EU citizens. So you would have to pay full price I think which would be similar to the cost of going to the US.

The Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is a great option in my opinion. It is a top 20 program globally, according to the Financial Times and it is considered by many to be the best Master of Finance(MoF) program in Germany. I am a student there, and actually wrote an article about my experience as a MoF student. In case you are curious about what it is like, here is the link:

For full disclosure, I have also passed all levels of the CFA and CAIA exams, and I still felt like i got a lot out of the program. I hope this is helpful for many of you.

thats cass mba. for finance cass is right up there.

Hold on buddy! Stay where ever you are…

MS is Finance after this profile - nah…

A low cost degree will most probably will give you low return. In the end your two years of life are worth more than few thousand dollars depending on what job you land. My suggestion is stop worrying about cost, figure out which country you want to go, then which program. IMO you are better of studying in English speaking countries. US has top Financial Engg program. The only case where EU is better is if you plan to come back to India post your degree and you want to minimize expense.

Bro ever heard of MS Finance from LBS, MIT, Princeton and Berkeley. These beat MBAs except a dozen or so as far as Finance roles are concerned.