Materials just arrived

Hello, My CFAI books just arrived and I am looking at the cash flow and TVM problems. We are allowed to use the financial calculator right? Why do they teach only the formulas and not the calculator keystrokes with them? I can understand the value of the formulas, but is it best to just use the HP 12C for the exam and studying? Thanks

only two types of calculators are allowed during the exam: HP12c and the TI business analyst calc. check the cfa instituate site for that info. i dont think the cfai original cirriculum material shows you calculator keystrokes. i’m using schweser and their study guides show you the appropriate keystrokes. if you understand the formulas, then just learn the calculator and you should be fine. is this for the december exam? with the original cfai books, you’ll have quite a bit of reading to do, unless you’re already familiar with most topics :slight_smile: good luck and happy studying!

Did you also try your calculator manual? My TI calculator came with a manual that teaches you the keystrokes for different calculations it can perform.

I am also going for June 2008 exam and I bought a TI Professional Calci. It came with manual and gives info abt using it. Includes functions for - NPV, IRR, Spreadsheets for Standard Dev. I read that manual and able to do calculations now. I am also referring to CFA books only. The solutions for problems in the Appendix…(Answers to Problems in SS) do provide info on how to solve some prob using calci. All the best.

Hi redbaron, My 2008 materials arrived as well. If you buy a financial calculator, I would recommend the TI BA II Plus or Professional. The instruction manual will easily explain how to solve any TVM variable. Good luck on your studying. It seems like an inordinate amount of material, but we’ll get through it. g

I have a book called “Understanding your Financial Calculator” by James Dalton. It was great for the CFP exam preparation and it seems to be working for the CFA. I wonder why the CFAI book make little mention of the financial calculator when it presents the TVM problems? It almost seems as if one should learn the formulas. Why learn them when I can do most of my HP 12 C. I hope that these books are not a waste of time. Thanks

Hey Guys … Since you have received your 2008 material could u please confirm me one thing: Reading 57-which is Industry Analysis… In 2007 material most part of it was an optional reading… Has it remained the same for 2008 text … Thanks…