Mattis & World Strategy

A thread to discuss America’s shifting world strategy.

Clearly there are global shifts going on; economic center moving East, “Asia is for the Asians” attitude, Western populism, Middle East issues, and massive global debt buildup (USG bankruptcy). I would say these things are all part of the Fourth Turning.

Definitely Team Trump are going to shift around alliances and rethink military positioning. But how? Is there a macro-plan? What’s the deal with Trump being complementary of Russia? Bannon wants to smash Islamic terrorists, and confront China down the road. What’s with all their Israel talk?

Got around to watching Mattis speeches (long but very good one below). It’s true what they say about Mattis, the guy is no dummy. His point is there must be known political end-states , a global plan, not just addressing each event as a one-off (he clearly wasn’t an Obama fan). This is precisely Bannon’s type of long game thinking too. So these guys are definitely going to cook up some sort of plan.

We investors want to be positioned at the finish line before the dummies figure it out!


So you’ve got it all figured out, eh? All the big macro future events?

In any case, good interview, very smart guy. Glad hes on our side.


If I had it figured out there would be no point in starting a discussion on it.

I find Mad Dog Mattis interesting. His name really doesn’t do him justice. From what I’ve read, he is more like a monk than a mad dog.

So WTF is with this Russia stuff? It looks like Bannon has a new official TWTR account, Trump does a lot of bs games to distract the enemy, but Bannon is dead direct. So I assume they are serious, and mean exactly what is said below. Bannon wants a war on Islam, he’s said that for years, Russia helps with that since EU is too wussy.

Dems know this and that’s why they try to block with “Russia connections”, or they intercepted these “alley up” discussions?

Russia-phobia must end. They are our natural allies in the huge Christian worldwide war against Islam coming up, and #MAGA means sacrifice.

Dems aren’t the enemy. The Russian regime is antagonistic to us. Get your head out or the sand.

^ Not really bruv ;).

The Islamists might be anti democratic, anti freedom, anti gay and anti intellectualism just like the russian government but one of them are christian and white. It’s a no brainer for simple minded folk

lol PA is like that annoying kid in high school that learns about some cool new band from his brother in college and cant shut up about it. PA Mattis has been around for quite some time, hes one of the few qualified people involved with this administration and I certainly dont have an issue with him.

Right, all the dots connect I think?

In that video Mattis discussed that Russia has a real problem with the Islam thing because of their massive border. Stuff blowing up there today. Long-term Putin is not a friend of the US obviously. But short-term yeah they might be able to work out an “alley-up and smash Islam” maneuver.

Can we short Islam somehow??? Or long an inverse anti-islamophobe ETF? :confused: