I have a Tempur-Pedic that is about 12 years old. I’m thinking about replacing it with something similar.

I like the memory foam mattress, but I don’t want to pay a fortune. Does anybody have experience on any of the ones advertised all over the interwebs? Nectar, Purple, Leesa, Casper, etc.


dang i thoguht temper pedics were super expensive. did not see you as the type to spend 2k for a bed

Considering that I spend ~33% of my life in my bed, I don’t mind paying good coin for it.

And it cost about $6500 about 12 years ago. I didn’t know there were other alternatives back then. And I’m curious as to whether Tempur-Pedic is really worth the money, or if it just has the best marketing department.

lol yea ive heard that argument and considered it. but does buying it make you sleep less? makes you sleep faster? does it fix your back? or is this just for straight comfort? my 600 dollar bed gets the job done. also you can b uy from amazon.

35 percent off sale from sealy.

I’m looking for a good mattress too.

Tempur pedics are generally not good for sex.

I’m almost 40 years old, and I’ve been married for 12 years. I’d rather have a good night’s sleep.

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How much are you looking to spend on this mattress? In any case, $6500 sounds like far too much. An equivalent online mattress will cost $2000 max and more likely, closer to $1500.

Personally, I don’t like the full memory foam mattresses, as they feel too squishy for me. I ended up buying a box spring mattress from Saatva or something like that. It feels more or less like a hotel Tempur Pedic or something, because that is essentially what it is, without showroom costs.

Sometimes, some stores will have physical samples of these mattresses too. For example, West Elm has display Casper mattresses in some places. Ironically, I tried the mattress there and didn’t like it. Otherwise, I would have bought one…

I’ve tried the purple pillow, and I hated it. My girlfriend however has loved it and has taken it from me. They’re very unique and I’d see if you can sample it or something. I’m not sure if it’d be a good fit for your body type though, it’s a specific polymer.

My current bed is a Tuft and Needle Mint. I absolutely love it. It’s on the firmer side for me, but I weigh ~185. It’s only a few months old though so I’ll have to see how it holds up over the next decade, and a king only sets you back 1200,

These online companies are all have a generous 100 day return policy. I’d definitely check them out. is a decent resource, although I don’t know how independent they truly are.

Next time I buy a bed though I’m considering just doing it myself and making it custom.

i’ve heard of tuft and needle. sista got it for a guest bed.