Maximize MBA FinAid

As I strategize how I want allocate my monetary assets over the next year or two given the volatility in the markets, it made me think about how a possible MBA might work its way into my plans. Given that many of you have been through an MBA program fulltime, I was curious if you or any of your peers came across books/websites that explain how best to maximize ones’ FinAid? There is a lot out on parents planning for their kids, but no so much for adults returning full-time after working for 3-5 years. I assume there are not many loopholes and read one blog about a guy that went to Harvard where everyone decided to buy themselves a new BMW before applying for financial aid to drain their bank accounts.

I’ll post more later, but in the book How to get into Top MBA Programs by Richards Montauk, he explains this very well. I need to read it over myself, however the applications, GMAT, essays, and Dec L1 exam are consuming me right now.

thanks, i’d appreciate it