Maximum Time Gap between L1 and L2

Hii…I have cleared my CFA L1 last December…I want to know what is the maximum time gap after which I can appear for L2…???..Is there any hard and fast rule like GARP as to what should be the next level deadline before which I shall must appear for the Exam…Please if anyone has any idea then kindly share it here…Thanx a lot in advance…

I am not sure that there is a maximum. All I know is that you need to pass them in sequential order.

Yeah that I know…I even checked FAQ’s of CFA Institute page…But did not find anythng related to this there…:expressionless:

I know Charterholder with a 10 year gap between Level 1 and 2.

From what I know there isn’t a limit.

It may also be that now they have changed their rules…10 Years gap is too much…

there is no time limit or gap limit in CFA----this freaking thing is only in FRM----i am pretty sure about it—have done enough search about this

No limit for CFA. 10-yr limit for CPA pass to license.

There’s no limit on this. The guy sitting next to me for this year’s L2 cleared L1 in 2001. That’s 13 years.

Thanx for the info guys…