May '07 Finance Grad- Pass CFA I in December??? Help!

So the cutoff point to register is September 17th. I graduated last May with a major in Finance and a minor in Economics, do you guys think it’s possible for me to pass the Level I exam? I originally was going to wait until June '08 so I could have a loooot of time to study but it would be awesome if I passed it in December (sacrificing time is sacrificing opportunity). What do you guys think and how much time do you think is required to pass, 250 hrs? Thanks in advance!

Some will never pass level 1. Some can study a week and take it. There is no magic # of hours. If you want to pass it in December and are willing to do what it takes…then you won’t have a problem. You just have to make up your mind that you want to pass. If you study you ace off and fail…then you took the best prep course offered for the june exam. I wish I had the foresight to have registered for last Decembers L1 exam. I could potentially be a L3 candidate right now. Instead, I am L2.

if you have a masters of finance, it’ll be a cake walk.

I passed while studying for undergrad, and I graduate this December. If you have nothing else to do you should have ample time to prepare.

TPain, I also graduated with a major in finance and a minor in economics last May. I started reading the schweser material sometime around Aug.15 and am currently about 1/3 way through Book 3 (FAS). None of the material is new - however, there is a lot of it. I should be done reading the material late October with about 5 weeks left for practice exams. I think you could do it, but its gona be a big push - we’re talking 8 hours both Saturday and Sunday, not to mention after work during the week.

Thanks everyone. Jalmy that’s what I was thinking- I would do 10 hours Fri and Sat with 2 hours after work. How does the study material thing work? When you register for the exam do you get all the study material you need? From what I gather Schweser is extra but most people use it to prepare…

I don’t think you get any study material unless you are going for the June 08’ exam and beyond. If you go for it, I would buy Schweser notes ASAP- That should be enough if you took a lot of finance and Eco courses