May 2013 exam preparation

Hi, I have decided to enroll for May 2013 Part 1. Am sure this would have been asked before, but then would like to know when should I start studying & how do I go about it. Was thinking of starting in Nov/ Sept & go about like this. Start with Schweser & understand the concepts .Checkout the videos from Bionic for some difficult portions** Work out practice problems from Schwese, Bionic Turtle & GARP.** Now this would mean me leaving out on GARP’s recommended books - pretty much these three i guess Options Futures and Other Derivatives - John Hull Fixed Income Securities - Bruce Tuckman Stats book as per the Quant section Would this be ok or should i refer these books also.The books given under the AIM statement from FRM is very vast and kinda confusing too. So thought of sticking with Schweser & practice problems. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Hi Dreadlord

Having just finished part 1 I can honestly say that using the full schweser package is more than enough. If you have the GARP books then I would just use them to supplement for sections where you maybe scoring lower marks when doing the schweser question bank ( ie less than 75%) . I read countless posts when doing my prep where people kept saying the schweser questions were lacking but feel the practise and final exams they prepared gave me a great grounding to tackle the exam and the question bank hammers home key concepts.

Obvioulsy the more questions you do the better and I am told that bionic turtle do offer some great challenging questions which is always going to be beneficial if you have access to these.

If you started in NOV then that is more than enough time , even if you are working which was the case for me.

I hope this helps and good luck

I passed the part 1 with schweser note and have a revision with the FRM Handbook in the last week. Hope this sharing can help.