May 2015 (1-2)

Hello all, I am planning to appear for FRM exam in May 2015 for both parts. My background is MBA in IT and I work in software company as a BA. I have no math background, but fair understanding of calculations. I have downloaded, 1) AIM statement 2) Study guide 3) Some ebooks (HULL) My questions are, 1) Is it good idea that I give both parts on the same day. Since there are like 9 months for preparation? 2) The syllabus will certainly change for 2015 exam, but there are some core contents which will remain so I am focussing more on them. Do you think this is the right strategy to wait till GARP announces new syllabus and till then continue with common exam topics? 3) The GARP provided books list are too lengthy. Do you think just by referring to BIONIC TURTLE notes will help me pass in the exam? 4) I have downloaded an excel plan where in all the chapters are mentioned from 2013 syllabus. How much time should I put in just for learning and how much for practice exams? 5) How much TOTAL time to prepare for both the exams considering my background?

You’re going to need to work out your study needs yourself, htese kind of questions are way too subjective and will always come down to more is better.

Having said that I would comment on sitting the 2 exams at once. it can be done, but the question is why do you want to? If you’re doing FRM just to learn the material, you’ll learn more concentrating on 1 level at a time and rather than trying to hold as much as you can in your head for exam day. On the other hand if you just want the qualification as soon as possible, bear in mind you need 2 years of relevant work experience (in financial risk).

I don’t critisise people who take the 2 exams at the same time, I did, but I think you’ll finisih with a better understanding of the material if you take them one at a time.

I’m also anticipating to take the FRM Level 1 exam in May 2015.

I know the 2015 materials are not out yet but what are my best options for starting out early?

I was thinking of just finding a 2012-2014 set of books and going off those for now. Hopefully the material is not terribly different between those years?

If anyone has the older books in PDF that you could send over, please let me know. I’d sincerely appreciate it!