May 2021 exam results

When will the results for May 2021 exam be released? is it after 6-7 weeks or 90 days.

Based on the email we received

“ Results are expected to be available approximately 7 – 10 weeks after the close of the window, depending on your exam level. Although for the first few computer-based testing administrations this timeline will remain unchanged”

So I read CFA usually releases on a Tuesday. Based on past exams, another prominent forum has predicted July 13th for Levels I and II. That would be in line with traditional paper testing timelines. Now I know CFA said we won’t see a reduction in time the first few CBT’s, but maybe they will surprise us??

There are three Tuesdays between now and July 13th inclusive. June 29th, July 6th, and July 13th. I think (and hope) we may get results on the 6th.

Apparently Nov '21 registration deadline has been brought forward to 20 July, which would imply that May results should be released over the next 3 weeks to allow people to register for re-taking, if need be. Do you see that the same way?

I think they are optimistic that they will get the results out sooner than expected.

Aug 3rd

Not according to the e-mails candidates have been getting today.

August 3 is for level 1-2
August 10 for level 3

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