May 22 Mock Exam

Anybody taking the Mock Exam held by Schweser today (various locations)? I’m not referring to the practice exam “books” but to the live one. There’s also an on-line variant (“You may take the Schweser online Mock Exam anytime between May 22, 2010 and June 6, 2010. Once you begin either the AM or PM section of the exam, you will have exactly 3 hours to complete the exam section and enter your answers. You cannot “pause” the exam so please plan with that in mind …”)

Let’s do this son. getting my game face on for this.

Just took this and I feel like I’ve been assaulted! I was 16% down on the CFAI mock.

I just took the schweser mock and I’ve been completely demoralized. AM I got 60 and PM I scored 70. Any feedback?

AM: 80 PM: 70 I’m taking a break for the rest of the day. I noticed a couple problems I think have errors in them. PM was brutal with swaps. And of course my nemisis AA got me again w. 50%. Not a big deal but I can never break 50 w. this little fucker.

AM: 73 PM: 63 Ethics got me in both sessions. PM was rough for me in general, esp. Ethics, Derivs and FRA

Anybody figure out how to enter your answers on Schweser’s website? I cannot figure it out. Ethics was brutal. 80 am 72 pm.

How the hell do they expect us to pass ethics? =/ I’m pretty sure (after rechecking) that I didn’t get one ethics wrong in level 1…surely that must convey some understanding of the material

I felt like there were 5ish problems with serious flaws to the wording or answer. I want to enter my questions in an answer sheet online, but I can only seem to find a place to enter your answers one by one…no thanks. How do we get to the sheet where we can enter 1-30 and then 31-60 at once? thanks

I’m pretty sure a handful of these answers are incorrect… for instance, AM #16 that had to do with the GP Margin - problem stated inventory was purchased evenly throughout the year implying the use of the average rate, yet the answer said to use historic for temporal.

Same question as demmel, I’m definitely not spending the time to do 1 by 1.

70/78. Got raped on ethics- 6/12 Definitely some errors on questions/answers. 1.Gni - accounts for citizens income not residents 2. reviewing brokers should review fin responsibility, execution, other svcs- sounds multiple answers possible 3. Poorly worded swap problem 4. Looking at some of the answers, completely irrelevant to question e.g., yields for cmbs / MBs - am section I am a retaker and got screwed

Sustainable ‘g’ - prat model- assumes d/e constant & no new equity issued but schweser says only no new equity, new debt okay!!! Is this right?

chowder - FYI on the GNI: “Gross national income or gross national product. GNI, a term which has replaced GNP in national accounts, is the total of incomes earned by residents of a country, regardless of where the assets are located. For example, Britain’s GNI includes profits from British-owned businesses located in other countries.” (CFA Institute. Level 2 Volume 1 - Ethical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, and Economics, 4th Edition. Pearson Custom Publishing 672).

You enter your answers on: 78 AM/ 70 PM I thought that the hedge fund section and swaps in PM were brutal, and like most of you, found a few questions that I knew but were worded somewhat poorly…

Residents= citizens …? Schweser notes mentions only citizens at the end of chapter notes

It appears the averages of entered scores is 60 am and 58 pm…pretty rough.

AM: 75 PM: 77 definitely struggled with ethics, and i completely agree that there were poorly worded/ unclear questions

Q34 is awful.