May Level 3 Cram Fest

Yes, I know the best way to study is methodically over the course of six months. In the real world with a busy work schedule and a family life this isn’t always possible. Anyone planning to cram a majority of the hours in May? I plan to spend 5 hours a day and then take the last two weeks off with 10 hours of studying a day. This will get me close to the 250 mark cumulative. Anyone attempting the same? and have some good tips to study effectively AND avoid burnout?

I haven’t tried that personally but it’s really up to the individual’s own study habit. If you are not familiar with level III materials and hoping to cram 250 hrs in a month, good luck, really. You are counting on, 1 no distractions from either work or family (which have been an issue during the prior months) 2, retains almost everything in one pass. Anything is possible but the probability is hard to handicap. Only you know the true answer youself.

i am massively cramming the last 2 weeks in may - taking off from work so we’ll see how it goes - never tried this before, so we’ll see how it goes.

good luck. focus on EOC problems.

I think it is possible. First focus on Scweser Videos - 60 hrs, Secret Sauce and hitting EOC, Qbank and Previous test papers for the rest

Thanks all, good advice. I literally plan to imbibe the L3 materials using well grounded principles such as spaced repetition, and the notion of peaking from sports. An important part is tricking your brain that ‘NOW’ is the only time left to learn the materials and staying relaxed at the same time. I also plan to eat cleaner than usual and to get plenty of sleep. You only have to know the materials better than the person to the left and right of you to pass. I’m sure there is a good algorithm for this.

smileygladhands Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i am massively cramming the last 2 weeks in may - > taking off from work so we’ll see how it goes - > never tried this before, so we’ll see how it goes. Smiley, based on your other posts, you appear to be not retarded (read: with-it), so I’m genuinely curious to see how you do. I’ve thought about trying the same thing myself, but am too chicken. If I was going to cram mainly through very merry month of May, I think I flat out would not read the material. I’d simply start doing questions in the qBank and just do them all, and then move on to mocks, and based on my scores then review more qBank and EOC questions. Reading would only happen when I continued to bomb a section so badly that it clearly required me picking up a book. Not the most graceful way to learn, but I think it might theoretically be possible.

wahlin Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > isn’t always possible. Anyone planning to cram a > majority of the hours in May? Based on my experience, if you can get time off work, the final-few-weeks cram is the ultimate way to study for the CFA exams. The problem with the hour-a-day-for-six-months method is that most people can’t remember stuff for 6 months, so you end up having to re-learn everything before the exam anyway. On the other hand, if your entire exam preparation consists of 8-hours-a-day of nonstop studying for 4 or 5 weeks, there is no need to make multiple passes through the material. A tiny bit stressful, but extremely efficient.

Make sure you show up for the exam!

How about 2+ hours a day for 6 months?

Ive got that glitter on my eyes for the June 4th exam!!

don’t get me wrong, i’ve been doing studying for a while - but not retaining much in my thick skill - previous 2 levels, you memorize a ton of formulas and you’ve got a fighting chance. The 2 week stretch is the make or break time.

I agree with Wendy and few others regarding that most people won’t remember stuff from 6 mo ago and that’s why I never did that myself. I don’t know how people started last Oct/Nov deal with that issue. However, the flip side of the coin is that in secod go around, you need much shorter time to pick things up and it comes back much quickly and easier. The trick is to really know yourself and go with that; my affirmation or anything other members’s opinons are really useless other than giving you the endorsement you hoped for. A good analogy is taking a car thru a curve; if you know you have a toyota, then you slow down and take it easy; if you know you have a 911 and can just fly thru the curve but if you are too confident, then the tree will jump into your path. The trick is to know the limit.

I think the whole, not remembering things is up to you. If you follow the program (Stalla in this case) you work in a few progress tests every two weeks or so to refresh. May not work for everyone, but I feel the “studying too far ahead of time” argument is overplayed. Put in work, be effective about how you study and it should show up on test day. Do you think Peyton Manning says, “I think I studied too much film this offseason and worked out too hard, so I peaked too early.” No.