May Level 3 takers - chance to retake in November?

hi takers for level 3 in May,

I’m hoping everyone here can pass the exam in May, myself included! But just in case it goes against my will, does anyone know if there’d be enough time to take again in November?

I know it’ll depend on a few factors, such as 1) when the result is released vs registration deadline for November exam, 2) minimum time required by CFA to wait until retaking the same level (I read somewhere it’s 6 months).

If 2) is true, would it be possible to register for the next level 3 before the results come out? If so what will happen if I later found out that I have passed the May exam?

Yes, you can sit for the November exam after failing in May. You will be able to register after results day, which is approx. 3 months after the exam.

But I really hope that these thoughts are irrelevant for both of us. Best of luck in May!

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Thanks! With all the uncertainties surrounding the new CBT, we’ll have to do our best to control what we can. everything crossed!