may we contact your present employer

if i check yes to the may we contact your present employer question, does this mean that they will talk to ur current manager or that they will just go through HR to confirm that you actually worked at that company and the dates you worked there. can anyone confirm? thanks a lot

because i would prefer they dont contact my current manager for a reference, i havent included her as a reference for that reason. but im told that in the may we contact your present employer, they will just do a check to say ok he did work at this company for this period of time and nothing else.

check No.

thx but so does that mean they may be contacting my manager if i checked yes?

because plus since i dont have her included as a reference they wouldnt have her contact info so im assuming they would just go to hr and ask did he work here ad from when to when. but then i guess hr could provide them with her contact?

I think it means what the company asking you to check the box thinks it means. Rather than asking people that have no idea what that companies intention is, call them and ask them what it means.

thanks. i just thought ppl here would have an idea since its a question that most companies seem to ask, in addition to references.

can’t you find other ppl at your company to vouch for you? doesn’t need to be your immediate manager if there are others that can back you up

hey thanks numi. i do have another person from my company that i have put down as one of my references. so are you saying that if i already have someone else from there as a reference, then i could say no to the may we contact your present employer question?

i don’t know dude…i think you should just check the box that says “no,” but give the # of that other colleague you have as a reference

check “no” and, if needed, you can explain by saying “my job search is confidential and I would prefer not to notify my present employer that I am interviewing elsewhere”

Its one of the standard background check forms…Check no and you will be alright. I personally think it is a very bad idea to let your current manager know that you are looking before you have a concrete offer in hand. Checking no is perfectly acceptable.

thanks guys