Maybe I am in over my head now

It’s not too hard of an ask at all. When all of the garbage crashes, you’ll get your <50 P/Es.

If you think it’s going to grow and be higher than it is today then wtf bro PE Shm-eh

Please not until I have enough to build my garage. That’s all I ask.

wasnt QoQ like 125%. thats why its selling at that multiple. lol. a rare day to see an ipo with a company that has massive profits from inception.

Dude, PLTR. Tell me you’re long gone from this Titanic of a stock??

No chance. I get it that the market is selling off right now, which is fine. Maybe 20X FY2 P/E on the S&P500 is enough to warrant a major correction in the market, but this stock is such a long term play that it’s really hard to justify the use of comparative analysis - IMO.

LTM PE is like 35x. thats some rosy eps estimates. plus the expectation of higher corp tax.